Cultural Network House

— About us
The priority of our organization is getting the peoples of the world acquainted with national and cultural heritage, traditions and culture of Azerbaijan. We invite foreign citizens living in our country to plunge into rich history, culture and art of Azerbaijan.
We form full picture of rich culture and national heritage of Azerbaijan
We organize different courses and seminars, round tables and meetings, conferences, exhibitions, charity runs, forums and much more.
— Strategy
We interact with every foreign citizen who is a member of the association.

In this context, participation in classical and conceptual art exhibitions, cooperation with the Museum Centre, art galleries, theatres and organization of regular meetings with famous cultural figures of Azerbaijan allow to more effectively organize the promotion of our culture among the foreigners living in our country.
If we can to understand the value of the world cultures, we will able to better understand and take everything as it comes
— Culture
We hold educational events in different fields of Azerbaijani culture
National etiquette
Matchmaking, Henna Party (women's festive gathering before the wedding), weddings, mourning ceremonies, holidays
National dances
Ateliers and courses
Folk music, classical music, jazz, opera, mugham and national musical instruments, composers, winners of musical programs, Rostropovich school
Literature of the 14th century, poetry, modern publications (book houses), classical and modern Azerbaijani literature
Animation films
House museums of celebrities and organization of live meetings
Icherisheher, mosques, houses
Carpet weaving (carpet museum), cooking, folk song choir, language courses, ornament, ceramics and floristry, drawing clubs, tea parties
Drama, opera, ballet, pantomime theater
Round dance-playing "yally", "halai", wedding - "innabi", ritual "jeyran balla", sports - "zorkhana" heroic - "dzhengi"
In order to get acquainted with our rich cultural heritage, explore ancient regions of Azerbaijan, their architecture and the lives of historical figures who lived there, numerous group events, as well guided walk tours are organized under the leadership of Cultural Network House volunteers.
Within the trips to Baku, Karabakh and other regions of our country, participation in traditional holidays and festivals (folk festivals (Novruz Bayram holiday), pomegranate holiday, Gabala music festival), visits to objects of material culture (Icherisheher, Maiden Tower and Shirvanshahs Palace, Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape complex, the Palace of the Shaki Khans and Historical Centre of Shaki) were implemented.
— Contacts
Baku, st. 7 Zeynalabdin Tagiyev, apartment 5
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